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You need principles, not some magical silver bullet

You need principles, not some magical silver bullet

One thing I’ve learned by reading a lot over the past years is that the principles guiding the advice from some book are often a lot more valuable than the actual presented content. What I mean by that can probably be best explained by an example from Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You To Be Rich. Although this book looks to be about personal finance on the surface, see what happens when you apply the book’s lessons to other areas in life, like fitness:

For example, in the start of the book Ramit writes:

“I have met with thousands of millionaires in my years as a financial counselor[…]. They all lived on less than they made and spent only when they had cash.”

What happens when you rewrite that sentence to be:

“I have met with thousands of cases of successful weight loss in my years as a personal trainer[…]. They all ate less than they needed and indulged only when they had room in their diets.”

Simply replacing the financial aspect with a health expert still yields the sentence to be true. That is because it is not the advice that counts, it’s the underlying principles that are the real lessons. Another one:

“Being rich is about freedom.”


“Being healthy is about freedom.”

Being rich allows you to be independent of whatever you do daily. You don’t have to worry about earning enough to buy life’s necessities when you engage in some type of entrepeneurial activity. Being healthy allows you to engage in all type of life’s activities without worrying about becoming sick or having pain while doing so. The underlying principle is that having the basics in life in check will allow you to do all the things you deem important without worry.

So instead of looking or silver bullets that you treat like magic:

read them for what they’re actually saying: “I need to eat less to lose weight” or “I need to spend less to have more money”. Though these examples may help and provide useful guidelines, read them for what they are and try and to find the underlying principles the next time you are given advice. Use these to become a little better in all areas of life.