Book Notes – Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

Book Notes – Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

Seven Brief Lessons On Physics

Rating: 4/5

Book notes:

  • Science shows us how to better understand the world, but it also reveals to us just how vast is the extent of what is still not known.
  • Space is material. It bends where there is matter.
  • Black hole = where space plummets to form an actual hole.
  • Electrons only exist when observed.
  • Science is a journey between visions: seeing things differently continuously.
  • Space is not flat, but curved.
  • Everything around us is made of less than 10 different elementary particles.
  • Heat passes from hot to cold objects, but not the other way around.
  • The difference between past and future only exists when there is heat.
  • It is impossible to predict everything exactly, but it is possible to predict probability.
  • The present does not exist in an objective sense any more than ‘here’ exists objectively.
  • For a supersensible being there would not be a flowing of time, but the universe would be a block of past, present and future.

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