How skipping breakfast helped me see my abs for the first time

How skipping breakfast helped me see my abs for the first time

During most of my youth, I was fat. It was when I went into puberty and gained some height when I started to receive comments like:

“Did you lose weight”, “Wow, you look a lot better than a year ago” etc.

Though I indeed lost size in my waist, I never had the idea that I looked good without a shirt. At around 17 years old, I tried to lead a healthy life by distance running multiple times a week and eating only “healthy” food (fruits, nuts, vegetables), skipping “bad” food (cookies, cake etc.) -I will do an article on the value judgement of food in the future- and eating small meals multiple times a day to stave hunger and keep the internal furnace burning (calories). A couple years later I started resistance training and drinking protein shakes in the hopes of magically getting a more toned physique.

At 25, I was skinnyfat, meaning I looked good with clothes on, but somewhat chubby without. I weighed around 86kg, thinking this was a healthy weight to be at 1.88m. I hadn’t gained any notable strength in the last couple of years. Things needed to change. It was at the start of 2016 when I tried a new strategy in losing weight: skipping breakfast and stop eating after dinner/my evening post-workout meal.

By limiting the window in which to eat food, it becomes a lot easier to restrict calories. The term for this type of lifestyle is called “Intermittent Fasting”. Instead of eating 6 small meals a day, I ate a large lunch (40% calories), a small dinner (20% calories) and a post workout meal in the evening (40%). Instead of eating 2800 calories spread out over 16 hours, I ate 2300 calories in 8 hours. Think about it. By eating a 1.000 calorie meal at noon, I didn’t feel hungry until dinner. My dinner gave me the energy to go balls to the wall during my workouts, while the 1.000 calorie post-workout meal provided an excellent reward for going to the gym and going to bed completely satiated.

The funny thing was, even though I didn’t eat before noon, I never felt hungry in the morning. On the contrary, I saved time by skipping breakfast, most of the time experienced more clarity and became more productive overall. Moreover, it was always the co-workers eating small snacks over the entire workday complaining about hunger all the time. In the rare cases of experiencing hunger, I could stave it off very easily by drinking a cup of coffee or sparkling water. The only challenge is fighting off the people who will comment that it is unhealthy to skip breakfast, even though science already proved this to be bullshit.

One year later, at the 1st of january 2017, I weighed 75kg and could see my top abs, with the contours of the lower ones very much visible for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. In the meantime, I finally squated with my own bodyweight on my back for 5×5 reps, after continually stalling for years trying to lift 60kg.

Though it wasn’t JUST the fasting which helped me attain these results, since I also made sure to eat enough protein (2g/kg body weight) and worked out consistently for 3 days a week + light cardio on the other 4. It did make the weight loss that much easier! If you find you are trying to lose weight to no avail, feel hungry all the time and have the mental clarity of an insane person in the morning: try skipping breakfast. It sure was worthwhile for me.

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